Beginner Skating Classes start 6-10-24. Youth Hockey Classes start 6-11-24. Adult Hockey League Teams Forming in June, Individuals Welcome.

Twin Rinks Adult Hockey League
Rules and Regulations

All USA HOCKEY Playing Rules will be enforced with the following additions

Game Time
  1. 5 minute warm-up period.
  2. Three 15-minute stop time periods.
  3. 2 minute intermission between each period. Teams switch sides in period 2.
  4. Each team will be allowed one 30 second time-out per game.
  5. In the event there is no scorekeeper at the game, each period will be 24 minute running time.
  6. Games will start without a goalie, The team will use the difficult (raised 5 hole) shooter tutor.
  7. The clock shall become running time if the score differential reaches 5 or more goals in the third period. If the score differential becomes less than 5 goals the clock goes back to stop time. The only time the clock stops is for injuries (it does not stop for time outs).
  8. All players must have their signature on the official roster sheet before playing. It is the player’s responsibility to sign the roster at the scorekeeper before playing. The scorekeeper will not start the clock if a player refuses to sign in after being asked. The ref may assess a delay of game penalty if the player does not immediately sign in.
  9. In the event of a regular season tie, the game ends in a tie.
Icing & Off-sides
  1. Blue line icing will be observed at all levels.
  2. The centerline will not be used for offsides (2 line pass is legal).
Penalties and Suspensions
  1. 1st fight, suspension remainder of that game plus automatic three games.
  2. 2nd fight, expelled from league. Player may return to league pending Hockey Director’s discretion.
  3. There will be no body checking in the league. Minor & Major Penalties will be assessed for body checking. Any intentional body check in a no check league will result in a game ejection. Any player who is penalized twice for this infraction may be ejected from the league.
  4. Any player who receives 3 penalties will be suspended for the remainder of that game and will also receive a game misconduct and be suspended for 1 additional game. The second suspension in the same session will receive a 2 game suspension. The third suspension in the same session will receive a 3 game suspension. And so on.
  5. A player who receives multiple game misconducts in a season may be expelled pending Hockey Director's discretion.
  6. A player who receives a match penalty may receive additional suspensions or expulsion from the league depending on the severity of the action that caused the match penalty.
  7. Referees may hand out a game ejection penalty (GFO) which does not carry an additional game suspension.
  8. A player who has been ejected from the game may watch the game quietly from the North end of the rink or leave the building. If the player does not watch quietly they will receive additional game suspensions.
  9. Continued harassment of the hockey director appealing a ruling will result in additional game suspensions or expulsion from the league.
  10. Any goalie who receives 3 penalties will finish the current game and be suspended for the next game. Any goalie who receives a game misconduct will be suspended for the remainder of that game plus whatever other penalties apply.
Win 2 Points, Tie 1 Point, Loss 0 Points.
If a tie occurs in points at the end of the regular season the following tie-breaking system will be used: Playoffs
  1. Overtime will be a 1 minute intermission followed by 1 20 minute run time period of sudden death, teams don't switch sides.
  2. If game remains tied, the game will proceed to penalty shot shootout. Each team will designate 5 shooters, and they will shoot in alternating fashion, away team shoots first. If game remains tied, shootout goes into sudden death with each team having a penalty shot. 10 players (or every player if under 10 on team) must shoot before shooters can repeat.
  3. Playoff standings may be changed to accommodate early teams.
  1. All players must wear non-altered assigned jerseys. Subs wear the exact color or black/white.
    Pullovers are not allowed. If players have difficulty distinguishing similar colors, you may purchase helmet covers and use them. Click here for the link.
  2. All players must wear full equipment which shall include gloves, shin pads, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hip pads or padded hockey pants, protective cup, and HECC approved helmet with full face convering and helmet strap properly fastened. If full equipment is not worn, the player will receive a warning and be allowed to play. The 2nd warning will result in a one game suspension.
  3. Jersey numbers may be reserved by filling out the Jersey Request Form and paying $10.00
  4. Helmets must be worn during warm-up and on the bench. Failure to comply may result in a 2 minute minor.
Substitution Rules
Player Substitutions will be made if a team will not be able to field 10 skaters for a game, the league will provide subs. If a non-approved substitute plays, and the Director is unaware of the substitute, the offending team will forfeit the game and the sub will be suspended from the sub list for 30 days. The Director will use his discretion in adding players who are in the building and available to play if a team has less than 10 skaters at game time. If you will be unavailable for your game, go online and mark yourself out in the attendance and subs program. The computer will assign subs.
If you are selected to sub in a playoff game and decline the request, you will be removed from the sub list for the remainder of the playoffs.
All assigned subs must play even if more than 10 skaters are present at game time. Subs will play any position assigned by the captain.
Subs will sit when there is a penality.
Subs will serve the penality for the goalie or too many men.
If your team is up by over 3 goals, subs will reduce their level of effort.

League will provide goalie subs assigned by the Hockey Director.
If no goalie for any reason we will use the difficult (raised 5 hole) shooter tutor.
We NEVER skate with 6 skaters and an empty net due to no goalie.
A team my pull their goalie near the end of the game and skate with 6 skaters.

We must protect our goalies.
Penalties interference, charging, slashing, or (house rule) game misconduct(s) when the goalie is stationary or in the crease:
• Any body to body contact (other than insignificant) between a player and the goalie.
• Any accidental or unavoidable contact (other than insignificant) that occurs with the goalie.
• Any contact to the body of the goalie with a stick that is not on the ice.
• Any contact to the goalie with the stick after the puck is covered regardless if there is a whistle.
Refs will call penalties every time a player makes more than insignificant contact with a stationary goalie or in the crease.
Refs should call a minimum of a 5 minute major and 1 game misconduct any time a stationary goalie is run over. This includes a breakaway when the player makes a great shot over the goalie’s shoulder and plows into him.
It is the players’ responsibility to maintain control and avoid contact (other than insignificant) with a stationary goalie or in the crease.
The only exception to this rule is if the defending player causes the offensive player to contact the goalie.
Insignificant contact means very little contact. A player skates by the goalie and touches his jersey or lightly touches his pads. If there is enough force to move the goalie in any way that is not insignificant.
Goalies may email the director when they feel there has been contact which was not properly penalized. The director will review the video with the refs and may issue additional penalties based on the severity of the contact.

This incident would have received a 5 minute major a game misconduct for goalie interference.

This incident would have received a 5 minute major and 2 game misconducts due to the head contact.

More than 10 skaters rules 11 skaters: Option 1(preferred): 3 centers, Option 2: rotate 1 player through all 3 offensive lines. That player goes to the bottom of the list to rotate in the future.
We do NOT allow 5 defensive skaters with 11.
12 skaters: 3 left wings and 3 right wings. (you can use 3 centers and 3 left/right wings). We do NOT allow 5 defensive skaters with 12.
13 skaters: 3 right wings, 3 center, 3 left wings. We do NOT allow 5 defensive skaters with 13.

The issue of co-ed dressing arrangements in locker rooms often arises, and USA
Hockey is frequently asked to provide some type of guideline about dealing with
such situations. Teams, leagues, associations and USA Hockey need to recognize
that there are gender equity issues to deal with when managing a co-ed locker
room setting. Both female and male privacy rights must be given consideration and
appropriate arrangements made.
  1. Where possible, have the male and female players undress/dress in separate
    locker rooms; then convene in a single dressing room to hold the coach’s
    pre-game meeting
  2. Once the game is finished, hold the coach’s post-game meeting; then have
    the male and female players proceed to their separate dressing rooms to
    undress and shower (separately), if available.
Lastly, reinforce to all players, coaches, officials, volunteers and parents that your
organizations are going to take this issue seriously. It is not acceptable for
members to be observing the opposite gender while they dress or undress.
Members and volunteers who violate USA Hockey’s policies, or who violate the
privacy rights of others, could be subject to appropriate discipline.

Twin Rinks Ice Pavilion, Inc. discipline policy:
First occurrence, suspension for 1 game.
Second occurrence, removal from the league.

Scorekeep reschedule fees:
If a turned back game can not be filled $10 per game.
Ref reschedule fees:
After 24 hours if the system can not reschedule the game $10 per game
$15 less than 4 days
$20 less than 2 days
Game fee if less than 4 days and not filled
2 X Game fee if less than 1 day and not filled
2 X Game fee if no show
Ref's are paid by the end of the following month for the previous month.

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